Bil Jac Frozen Dog Food

Bil-Jac produziert seit 1947 Premium-Hundefutter.
Medina, Ohio-based Bil-Jac has been involved in the manufacture of premium dog food since 1947, when commercial dog food products were still relatively simple. Today, authorized dealers across the country sell the Bil-Jac line, which includes not only regular food but also diets for special needs. Bil-Jac also sells goodies.

The brothers Bill and Jack Kelly founded the company, which carried a version of their first name after his return from the Second World War. They recognized the market potential for premium dog food and their first product was the frozen dog food line. It was not until the 1980s that they became established in the dry food market after 10 years of testing and developing a vacuum drying process that did not affect meat quality.

Dry Food For Dogs
Bil-Jac states that 25 pounds of fresh chicken are used in each 30-pound bag of premium dog food, 12 pounds of fresh chicken per 15-pound bag. It gets its chicken from local chicken processors. You can start your puppy with either the puppy selection formula or the puppy food for small or large breeds. If he is tall, you can choose from the adult formula or adult formula for small and large breeds. Special diets include low-fat diets to help prevent overweighting your dog, seniority choices for older dogs, and sensitive solutions for dogs with gastrointestinal problems. The latter consists mainly of chicken and whitefish.

Frozen Dog Food
The original, frozen product line is still available. Thaw the pack in the refrigerator overnight before feeding. You can store it in the fridge for several days if you need it as long as you are used to from your own meat. The main ingredients of the frozen product consist of beef, meat by-products, cereals, poultry, poultry meal, animal liver and fishmeal. The guaranteed analysis lists at least 18 percent crude protein, 8 percent crude fat, a maximum of 2.5 percent crude fiber and 44 percent moisture.
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